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String Of Pearls 4.5"


An endearingly unusual succulent to own, the String of Pearls is a stunning addition to any houseplant or succulent collection, big or small. Its spherical, bead-like shape gives the String of Pearls a timelessly elegant aesthetic - dainty in appearance, yet bears the hardiness of its native habitat of South Africa - making the String of Pearls a fantastic choice for anyone, including those with little experience in caring for plants. 

Botanical Name:

Senecio Rowleyanus 


Bright, indirect sunlight.

Direct exposure may cause discoloration and drying out.


Only when soil is completely dry. 

Soil & Potting:

Needs very well draining soil and a small or shallow pot due to the shallowness of this particular plant's root system. Unless your plant was shipped bare root or semi-bare root, we do not recommend repotting your plant for at least 30 days after receiving your order from Get Rootsy in order to prevent shock, root rot, or other issues affecting the well-being of your new plant.

Ships in 4" starter pot. Decorative pot not included.

String Of Pearls 4.5"