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Rose of Jericho Plant


The Rose of Jericho is an extraordinary plant, to say the least. Also called the Resurrection Plant, this species is a member of the fern family, and is so unique due to its literal ability to resurrect from a completely dried up and shriveled state, into a green, fragrant, and beautiful plant. This particular plant species holds a tremendous amount of feminine energy, it’s very special to anyone who has one.

It’s also said to “hold” wishes, while its open, and takes them inside of its water storage system when it closes up again.

All that’s needed is a bowl of water, place the Rose inside, and wait a few hours to watch it open into all of its glory. The plant arrives in a shriveled ball, and opens up as soon as you place it into fresh water. Keep it moist, completely submerged, or however you feel suits it best! It does enjoy sun, but not a ton of it.

These are such a special and unique treat. Great for gifts, or for yourself.

Shipped as pictured in the photo with my hand. Also comes with care tips printed out, and a small glass bowl for the plant as well. :)

All plants shipped with love & care.

Rose of Jericho Plant