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Neon Pothos 4"



Neon Pothos is a beautiful and trendy new variation of Epipremnum Aureum, and quite literally lives up to its name, bearing beautifully bright neon leaves that adore sunlight and require little care as they grow and trail. These do particularly well in bright light, and indirect light is almost always fine for the majority of most houseplants. This statement piece plant can spice up any room, adding the right touch of flavor to any part of your home in which light is suitable. This plant in particular is trending more than ever, lately, and is an absolute must-have for all Pothos collectors.

Botanical Name: Epipremnum Aureum 'Neon'


Only when soil is dry.


Peat moss mix. We do not recommend repotting within the first 30 days (at least).

Neon Pothos 4"