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Lucky Bamboo Dracaena


Lucky bamboo has been an essential staple in homes as well as in the art of ‘Feng Shui’ for years. It is a symbol of luck, abundance and prosperity - making it a lovely housewarming gift or the perfect house plant.

It’s fairly simple to learn how to care for lucky bamboo. We’ve included in-depth information on sunlight, water, temperature, toxicity, potting, propagation needs and common pests and problems.

Here’s a brief bamboo care guide, seen below:

- Carefully remove any packaging and add rocks to your container to act as an anchor.
- Place your bamboo in indirect sunlight.
- Fill your container with enough water to cover the roots.
- Lucky bamboo prefers a temperature range of 65–95°F (18–35°C).
- Optional: use a liquid houseplant fertilizer every three to four weeks.
- Remove any yellow leaves.
- Repot the bamboo as its roots outgrow the container (ASAP).

40 cm long approximately.


Lucky Bamboo Dracaena