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Anthurium "Salmon Pink" 6"


With foliage as lush as anything, the Anthurium is an excellent house plant for those who adore foliage and flowers, equally. Dashingly elegant, this statement plant makes the most architectural statement in a simple home. These plants grow to be large, and they'll grow quickly, as well. With little care, these lovely plants are air-purifying and remain aesthetically pleasing for years to come, bearing beautiful blooms every year. If you're looking for a striking, yet simplistic plant, bearing lots of foliage and maybe a tiny pop of color from the blooms, the anthurium is surely the choice for you. 

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum


Bright, indirect, or bright shade. 


When top inch of soil is dry, and water deeply when water is needed. 

Anthurium "Salmon Pink" 6"