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African Violet - Fuschia


Highly coveted by worldwide collectors, African Violets are a classic cult favorite when it comes to houseplants. Their size is extremely manageable, and the easy-care plants last for years. With stunning blooms, these are showstoppers in any collection, no matter what. Not only are they very easy to care for, but they have other perks as well, such as pet friendliness and low maintenance watering needs. 

 Other Info: 

African violets hail from the foggy cloud forests of eastern tropical Africa. There are 6-20 true species in the Saintpaulias genus, named after Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire, who sent seeds from Tanzania back to his botanist father in Germany. Hundreds of sub-species and hybrids have been bred by collectors, so there are an astonishing array of flower types and colors available online, or from flower show vendors.

These plants are considered to be pet safe.

Botanical Name:  Saintpaulia


Bright, indirect light.


Regularly, when soil is dry. Bottom watering recommended. These plants do not like their leaves to become wet or soggy.

Pot & Soil: 

Use an African violet mix, as their soil needs are rather specific for the blooms they produce. Pot with drainage, and use a 4" to 6" pot. Not recommended to repot until at least 30 days after receiving your plant from Get Rootsy.

African Violet - Fuschia