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Welcome to Get Rootsy.

My name is Ash, and I'm the owner and founder of this beautiful, little dream of an online plant store.

Based in our gorgeous, subtropical Fayetteville, Arkansas, we bring you the most bold and brilliant of the tropical house plants you know and love, even branching out to some of the strangest, most alien-like plants in existence. We bring you these joys with love & care, as tending to these little green souls is what we spend our days doing. My love for plants has only gotten stronger as I've ventured out into the business world with them. To see the photos that customers send us, showing us their plant babies as they grow into stunning statement pieces and lifelong plant family members is nothing short of incredible.

Plants make people happy. They're insanely advanced little souls - ones who feel, grow, eat, drink, purify the air, have offspring, and sustain life here on our beautiful planet. To get to do this for a living is surreal, and the value that plants have given to my life is unmeasurable. Knowing that plants from my collections are living and thriving, and growing new baby versions of themselves all in all 50 states, including Hawaii, and even Puerto Rico is incredibly rewarding. We're quite literally making the earth a more beautiful place each time we nurture our plants.

As they grow, we grow with them. Caring for plants is a very zen, and very sacred ritual of mine, as well as for many others. It is the earth's meditation - to carry that out on behalf of our beautiful planet is an endlessly beautiful experience, always giving back, and always sustaining.

I hope you find what you're looking for, here at Get Rootsy. I know you have options when you buy plants, and even if you never purchase a plant from us - it means the world to us that you're reading this.

Let's keep rooting for the planet. It always roots for us. 


Ash (Founder and CEO)



Photo by Myranda Grulke @myrandarandlephoto